How does it work

The GPCC platform is a service based on blockchain technology.

Blockchain is a decentralized ledger. In it, all the digital records made are connected into ‘blocks’, which are then linked into a ‘chain’. Each of such blocks is connected to the preceding one and contains a certain set of records. Addition of new blocks is done strictly at the end of the chain.

All users of this technology have equal access to the system. All operations formed in the data blocks are stored among all network participants, and each block contains a link in the form of encrypted data of the previous block.

The process of encryption or hashing is performed by a large number of computers that operate within the same network. If the result is the same for all of the calculations, the block receives a unique digital signature - a signature mark.

The formation of a new block leads to the updating of the ledger, and it cannot be changed in any way. This means that it is not possible to forge it, but only to add new entries. It is important to remember that the ledger update occurs simultaneously on all computers of the network.

The distribution of blockchain databases among many computers makes it impossible for hackers to crack it. After all, to do this they must have simultaneous access to copies of the database on all computers on the network. Technology also makes it possible to secure personal data, because the hashing process is irreversible. Even if they succeed in changing the original document or transaction, they will immediately receive another one.

The idea of blockchain technology is quite simple. It is a colossal database of public use that does not have centralized governance.

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